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What is E File?

Efile is an electronic transmission of your personal income tax return directly from our computer directly to Revenue Canada's computer.

Why choose EFile?

  • EFile is generally faster than filing a paper return since it does not need to be mailed, delivered, sorted or key punched by Revenue Canada.
  • EFile is generally more accurate than filling a paper return as it has already been processed through our computerized income tax preparation software which has its own error checking process.
  • No T-Slips need to be submitted (although they need to be retained by you in the event of an audit by Revenue Canada).

How do I EFile my tax return?

Option 1. Fax- Simply fax us a your name, address, SIN, bithdate and a copy of your T-Slips and deduction receipt to 1-204-774-5436 or

Option 2. Email us the above information

Option 3. Telephone EFile.

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What is the cost?

$45 and up (plus taxes) for basic returns. Fees are payable before we efile. We accept cash, money order or Visa.

What documents will I receive?

A fax, pdf or paper copy of your tax return. An official notice of assessment from Canada Customs and Revenue Agency.

What if I need professional help?

Please access our services for a modest fee.

Why use Taxes Canada?

We offer you a choice of tax advice, tax tips, and when you really need help we offer a value packed service for a modest fee.

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